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Bachner USA

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The history of Bachner Electro USA Inc. began in 2016 with the establishment of the security technology department. In order to oversee customer inquiries, initial plans for establishing an office in the USA were drawn up soon thereafter. These came to fruition in March, 2018, with the founding of Bachner Electro USA Inc., based in Greenville. In addition to its key business of access control systems, it soon evolved from security technology wiring and systems to also offering additional services. In April 2020, Bachner USA moved premises from Greenville to Greer, approximately 6 miles away. The move has been successful and its growth trajectory is on course.

Bachner Electro USA Inc.
Address suffix:
Greer, South Carolina
1 Distribution Court, Suite D
29650 Greer, SC, US
+1 864 558 0095

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