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Our Bachner team in Leipzig demonstrates their skills

Series production began at the BMW Group plant in Leipzig in March 2005: to date, over three million vehicles have been manufactured there. The plant continued to grow steadily over the years - in 2023, the Bachner Group was able to support the BMW Group in building a production hall for high-voltage batteries.



Building a new production hall for high-voltage batteries for the BMW Group in Leipzig


February 2023 – December 2023

Interesting figures electrical engineering

  • 220 km of cables & wires
  • 28 km of fire alarm cables
  • 11 km of aluminum pipes and 3.5 km of parapet ducts
  • 443 Office lights
  • 3,335 Light strip lamps
  • 13.66 km of light strip rails
  • 1,080 Junction boxes
  • 90 Control cabinet panels (S-stations)

IT infrastructure

  • 72 km of data cables
  • 14 Siren distributors


BMW Group

Project description

The Bachner Group in Leipzig is doing its part for the car production of tomorrow: a BMW Group production hall for high-voltage batteries is being built on around 60,000 square meters in the North Industrial Park. We are proud that the Bachner Group can make a significant contribution to the success of this construction project.

In accordance with our claim of “Electrical and energy expertise from a single source”, we are responsible for both the execution planning and the implementation and execution of a wide range of disciplines.

Comprehensive service package in Leipzig

We offer the BMW Group a wide range of services in the area of power engineering, from electrical installation and lighting systems to the installation of HVAC systems. We can provide support from hardware to software in the IT and security technology area: we provide complex solutions for access controls, time recording, but also for setting up hazard warning systems. The colleagues in Leipzig can also demonstrate their expertise in the process measuring and control technology and in networking the individual control systems of the ultra-modern building.

Long-term cooperation is worthwhile

For our colleagues, this wide-ranging project is one of the largest in the history of the Leipzig branch. “We are pleased to be able to work with the BMW Group on such a complex and exciting project. What benefits us in this order is that Bachner has been successfully supporting the BMW Group at various locations for decades,” explains Sauerteig. In previous projects it has already been proven that the Bachner Group is a trustworthy and competent partner in construction projects with a wide range of requirements.

Complex project in a short time

One of the biggest challenges of the project is the short construction time. The BMW Group's production hall with a gross area of around 60,000 square meters is to be completed in three construction phases between February 2023 and December 2023. Only final residual services will follow at the beginning of 2024. To meet this schedule, around 60 to 80 employees were on the construction site every week. As soon as the work in the first sections was completed, production of the high-voltage batteries began in the hall. Under these circumstances, the safety of all employees was of course of the highest priority, adds Sauerteig.

New challenges for Bachner

Particularly close cooperation is required between the individual departments at the Bachner Group, not least because of the short construction time and the large scope of services. “We have never had a project in Leipzig where we were responsible for both planning and execution. Although it was new at first, we quickly got used to it as a team and were able to meet the requirements,” says Sauerteig. By covering so many areas, one of the key advantages is that any discrepancies can be quickly resolved. “This means we can work especially efficiently.”

What does it actually look like on site?

In December 2023, Peter Sauerteig's team will be close to completing the final construction phase. Then the last part of the BMW Group production hall can soon be started and production can pick up speed.

Project management / Contact

Peter Sauerteig

Peter Sauerteig

Niederlassungsleiter Leipzig & Berlin