IT System & Security Technology

IT System & Security Technology

Your safety is our passion

The be-all and end-all for a business is security: both analog and digital. Both these aspects of security are closely intertwined with each other. Because that which provides security in the physical world must also be perfectly controllable and manageable in your security systems on a digital level. In addition, security must be able to grow with you. We provide this flexibility for your security architecture, in the analog as well as in the digital world.

Access Control

Theft, espionage or vandalism – we want to protect ourselves from all of these, not just in our private lives. At the corporate level, you only want to grant access to demarcated areas to authorized persons. The choice of means of identification ranges from ID cards to biometric attributes. These are captured by a reader unit and sent to an access control unit, which, in turn, is connected to a control center. This is where all the rules for regulating any necessary doors for authorized personnel during specific time windows are stored. An access control system also monitors the status of doors via contacts. It is likewise possible to combine such systems with alarm and time recording systems. We tailor such systems to the individual needs of our customers to ensure the best possible protection.

Personnel and Vehicle Monitoring

The automated monitoring of personnel and vehicles is an extension of access control systems. By using suitable reading units and integrating them into the system, there are no limits to the possibilities.

IT System & Security Technology

Process Technology & Barrier Technology

Security technology is often understood as protective measures from outside forces. Automatic barriers and retractable bollards are examples of this. However, the safety of machinery and people on the inside is equally vital. For example, we deal with protecting machine operators with sensible process technology and automatically restricting access to hazardous areas. In turn, your production is also protected from tampering and operating errors. Our solutions are as individual as your needs.

IT System & Security Technology

Video Solutions and Camera Applications

Camera applications are an indispensable augmentation to existing security or access control systems in many areas. We offer everything from classic surveillance cameras to license plate recognition and motion tracking for objects and people.

IT System & Security Technology

Perimeter and Fence Monitoring Systems

Security begins at the property line. For expansive plant premises in particular, fence protection is the first step in a security concept. Various systems are ready to protect your premises from unseen intrusion.

Mechanical and Digital Locking Systems

No matter how you want to lock your gates and doors – we supply the concept and necessary technology for your individual locking system, its monitoring, and documentation.

Escape Route Technology

The safety of people in the event of danger cannot be compromised, particularly with regard to security against intruders. The safe use of escape and rescue routes is ensured by equipping them with mechanical or automatic components.

IT System & Security Technology

Room Control Programming

From media technology to heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting. The operation of all conceivable components must be convenient and possible only by authorized personnel. We will gladly take over the planning and implementation of room control systems with your required aspects of security technology.