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Bachner Elektro GmbH & Co. KG

Since it was founded 1920, the Bachner Group's parent company has grown over four generations to become a medium-sized company that sets standards far beyond its home in Hallertau. This includes its registered branch in Steyr.

This page has certainly provided you with an insight into our core business practices. Beyond these, the Bachner Group continually develops new forward-thinking service areas. In the past, these have included consultation and installation services for photovoltaic systems and the sale of power storage technology and cogeneration systems.

Bachner Electro USA Inc.

Bachner Electro USA Inc. was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary based in Greenville, South Carolina. Due to the growing demand for orders, it moved to nearby Greer in the same state in 2020. The branch in the USA now accepts orders in a wide variety of states - from the West Coast to the East Coast.

Bachner Electro USA offers essentially the same range of services as its German parent company.

Bachner Electro MX

In 2022, a new Bachner Group branch was founded in San Luis Potosí. This means that in future, the entire range of services can also be offered at our site in Mexico in our usual Bachner quality. Our Mexican colleagues work closely with the employees from the USA so that there is a lively exchange of ideas.

DieEnergieFabrik DEF GmbH

EnergieFabrik employees are enthusiastic about electricity storage and have been working in the field since 2010. Initially still active in the end-customer sector, EnergieFabrik is a center of expertise that passionately supports specialist companies in all aspects of electricity storage systems. This includes not only consulting, support, and sales, but also training, certification, and service support – all of which is done in close cooperation with the storage system manufacturers batterX, FENECON, and Tesvolt.

Volthaus GmbH

From private homes to open spaces – Volthaus draws on its experience of thousands of completed photovoltaic projects and it inspires with its concept of "energy. sustainable. innovative." Since 2010, it has been designing and implementing sensible electricity storage system combinations. In the face of an increasing demand for electric mobility, Volthaus is also your dependable partner for wallboxes and charging stations in and around Mainburg.

Bachner Elektrohandel GmbH

Bachner Elektrohandel GmbH is a specialty store for household and consumer electronics in the center of Mainburg. The commercial building on Mainburg's Bahnhofstraße served as Elektro Bachner's headquarters from the 1950s until the end of the 1980s and is, therefore, an important part of the company's history. As a member of Euronics, Germany's largest purchasing group, the team at "Handel" guarantees quality at attractive prices – including excellent advice and service.

HISTA Bachner Elektro GmbH

Since 1998, Bachner has strengthened its long-standing partnership with the Neutraubling-based electrical company HISTA Hirlinger und Stache OHG. The result is the joint subsidiary HISTA Bachner Elektro GmbH based in Obertraubling near Regensburg.

Elektrotechnik Uwe Kunzmann GmbH

The investment in Elektrotechnik Uwe Kunzmann GmbH in 2019 saw the Bachner Group expand its regional presence in the new German states of the former East Germany. The result is that the Bachner Group is now represented both in Leipzig and the southern region of Saxony (greater Erzgebirge region), as well as in the immediate Chemnitz vicinity. Founded in 2005 as a sole trader, the company is now one of the leading electrical companies in Saxony.

Stangl Stromschienen­management GmbH

Stangl Stromschienenmanagement GmbH is mainly engaged in the planning, project management, and installation of busbars throughout Germany. The specialist busbar planning and installation services provided by the company are already deployed in numerous projects throughout Bachner Group. Together, we intend to invest more in further developing the busbar sector.

SenerTec Center Mainburg GmbH

The SenerTec Centers in Mainburg, Heilsbronn and Nord-Ost Bayern pursue efficient ways of generating energy. The cogeneration specialists use "Dachs" CHP systems from the Schweinfurt-based manufacturer and industry market leader SenerTec. In Middle Franconia, Lower Bavaria, and Upper Bavaria, "Dachs" are installed by certified heating engineers from the region. What all the companies have in common is that they are enthusiastic about cogeneration in general and "Dachs" in particular. The SenerTec Centers are on hand to provide advice and support to specialist workers and, on request, can also take over the maintenance and servicing of installed systems.

Charge at Friends GmbH

Charge at Friends GmbH is a start-up from Augsburg that is dedicated to electromobility. It has been part of the Bachner Group since spring of 2023. The young company's goal is making sure elctric cars can be chared anywhere any time. To make this possible, Charge at Friends offers an app to all e-mobility enthusiasts and oners of e-charging stations.

Our social commitment

"Igelbau" Childcare Center

Our Igelbau company childcare center in Mainburg is also about making the world a little better. The inclusive kindergarten is for all children of all physical, mental, and social abilities. Regardless of nationality or religion – we celebrate diversity. That's why we were officially certified as a One World Childcare Center in 2020.

Stiftung Bachner

To honor and celebrate the company's 100-year history, Hans and Sabine Bachner established our foundation, Stiftung Bachner, in 2020. Our mission: Promoting tolerance in all areas of culture and the idea of international understanding. To this end, we offer scholarships to people from a wide variety of countries of origin so that they have every opportunity in education and employment. This way, young people can start a self-determined life - no matter, where they are from.