Moving Forward with Energy

Moving Forward with Energy


Moving Forward with Energy: Bachner’s 2022 Apprentices Start their Training.

1 September, 2022, marked the date on which, once again, 33 highly motivated young people began their apprenticeship at the Bachner Group. Across all eight exciting apprenticeships, the message is clear: Passion is our energy!

Paving the way for the future: On 1 September, 2022, 29 apprentices and four work-study students began their training at the Bachner Group – a home to real diversity in electrical engineering. Across the eight work-study apprenticeship paths, a total of 80 Bachner apprentices are now learning their trade from the ground up in electrical engineering and information technology, as electronics technicians for energy and building technology, IT specialists for system integration, office management assistants, electrical technicians for electrical, building, alarm and communication technologies, information electronics technicians, technical systems planners for electrical engineering systems, and information technology for system technologies – and next year, there will be even more of them.


An apprenticeship at Bachner? They are more popular than ever!

The special fact about the class of 2022 is that the number of new apprentices has doubled compared to 2021. This increase once again demonstrates that a hands-on, personal and innovative apprenticeship is highly attractive to young people.
At Bachner, our newcomers are immediately involved in interesting, large-scale projects, such as in the automotive, aviation, hospital or university sectors. At our sites in Mainburg, Landshut, Dingolfing, Oberschleißheim, Ingolstadt, Leipzig, Berlin and Steyr, they have the chance to see and experience all the processes up close. Naturally, this is in addition to their essential theoretical and practical education.


Ready for the digital revolution

Bachner apprentices are, without a doubt, an essential part of the digital revolution. "The major topics of the future of digitalization, such as e-mobility, smart grid, Industry 4.0, AI and high-speed Internet, operate only on the basis of powerful and efficient electrical technology," says Hans Bachner, Managing Partner, Bachner Group, with an eye to the future. "Our enormous range and highly different customers from various industries makes us unique in this respect. We would like to continue growing in the future, which is why we are putting all our efforts into training our junior staff. I'm excited to tackle this major task with our 34 new members, who will help shape the future."


Teamwork and passion count at Bachner

The most important drive in a person’s professional life is genuine enthusiasm! This is imparted to our apprentices from the outset. During the two-week introductory section, they get to know the company and its internal processes very well. What are the basics of electrical engineering and office work? What exactly will I face during my apprenticeship? In addition to such central questions as these, team spirit is also high on the list of priorities: Team building in the Jetzendorf climbing course, a moral courage seminar and a first-aid course all reinforce cohesion and personal development.

"Our apprenticeships are among the best in the industry," says Stefan Kitschke, Apprentice Manager, Bachner Group, "because we follow our junior staff closely and throughout their entire training. We have developed a high-quality combination of additional modules for this purpose: Complementing vocational school and everyday working practice, Bachner apprentices receive internal training and many practical exercises. Soft skills such as customer communication, teamwork and presentations, which are so important today, are also taught in practice-oriented workshops –simultaneously also serving as excellent exam preparation." An additional highlight that our new apprentices can look forward to is that our new, state-of-the-art apprentice workshop will open its doors in spring 2023.


What makes Bachner such an excellent apprentice training company?

At the Bachner Group, apprentices have the best of both worlds: They enjoy all the advantages of a medium-sized family business this is also internationally successful. This means that once they have completed their apprenticeship, the world is open to our apprentices. They can embark on a career at the domestic group of companies or relocate to one of Bachner’s international locations in the USA or Austria, thereby allowing them to seamlessly continue their professional life after their apprenticeship. By the way, the Bachner Group is always looking for young professionals who want to contribute to the company's success with their passion for electrical engineering.

More information on our apprenticeship and internship opportunities is available on the Bachner online portal at If you are interested, you can also start preparing for our 2023 apprenticeship course here – with direct access to the application process and much coveted Bachner apprenticeship positions.