Our sports sponsoring for SK BMD Vorwärts Steyr

Our sports sponsoring for SK BMD Vorwärts Steyr


A partnership promoting enthusiasm for electrical engineering and football alike

Bachner Austria sponsors SK BMD Vorwärts Steyr: together we are getting ready for the offense. Not only do we supply state-of-the-art electrical engineering, we also inspire our customers and employees. As a respected employer, we are constantly looking for innovative and enthusiastic minds who will enrich our team with their expertise and passion.

SK BMD Vorwärts Steyr represents much more than just a football club - it is a symbol of community and integration. We are proud to support this club wih its tradition of over 100 years and a clear commitment to inclusion and fairness.

Our partnership is characterized by a shared vision for success and growth. We firmly believe that our collaboration will not only drive SK BMW Vorwärts Steyr and our customers forward, but also the entire region.