AUDI Ingolstadt

AUDI Ingolstadt

AUDI Bodywork N60.3

Bachner has been involved in various construction projects by AUDI AG in Ingolstadt since as far back as 2009.





April 2017– August 2020


Gross floor area

~103.517 m²

Our Functions

  • Route construction

  • Main and sub-distribution boards

  • Basic electrical installation

  • Medium-voltage cabling

  • System connections

  • FAS

  • Security lighting

  • Network technology (fiber optics and copper)

  • Access control

  • Replacement network system#

  • Plant/fire brigade radio

  • ICE cabling


  • Clock systems

Interesting figures

  • Cabling: - medium voltage around 7.5; fiber optics around 28.5 miles; heavy current around 515 miles; light current around 330 miles

  • 12,000 lights (LED)

  • Fire alarm/ASD system:

    - 40 miles ASD pipe; -230 aspirating smoke detection systems; - 1,700 fire alarms

  • 16 load stations

  • 42 main distribution boards

  • 130 subdistribution boards

  • 1,968 yards busbars



Project description

In spring 2012, before the construction of the Ingolstadt Bachner branch, electrical work began on building the new N60.2 car body construction hall. Five years later, it was a great pleasure for the Ingolstadt team to also be involved in the construction of the massive N60.3 car body construction hall. Since April 2017, numerous employees have handled all subsections: from route construction and electrical installations to communications and security technology. "In principle, the job is finished," Piotr Nohl happily reports. "Currently, some remaining work and minor modifications are still being carried out."


As you walk through the building, the numbers become a reality. At 210 yards long and 240 yards wide, the production facility ascends a total of 50 yards over three main levels. "This is where high-rise building guidelines take effect, which contain additional regulations beyond the usual ones," explains Nohl


The overall building is divided into different areas. The core section – the actual production hall – is flanked by two peripheral buildings with supply technology, staircases, and elevators. This also houses one office floor each, where typical lighting concepts, floor tanks, KNX/EIB lighting and media control, and network technology play a role. The installation in the remaining part of the peripheral buildings is somewhat different. There are 16 heavy-load stations and other main distributors for electrical, IT, and communication technology. A total of four main shafts contain cable trays that connect every level across the entire height of the building. In the production hall itself, there are busbars and associated outlet boxes along the entire width of the hall on a kind of supply bridge, in addition to various electrical, ICE and data cabling. From there, plant connections can be flexibly designed. Likewise, the fire alarm system – in the form of an aspirating smoke detection system (ASD) – is installed there. These intake stations are essentially distributed throughout the building, but they are concentrated on the supply bridges. Finally, all installations in the production hall are designed in such a way that later modifications to the production line are also easily possible.


As mentioned in relation to the high-rise guidelines, safety-relevant installations are the focus of attention in buildings of such dimensions. Here, a backup grid system ensures continued power in the event of a failure. Cabling with functional integrity was installed as well as a plant and fire department radio system for smooth communication in case of emergency. Various areas were also equipped with an access control system.


"Not losing track of things over a good three years is always a challenge," says Piotr Nohl in review. "But we have a strong team that can always be counted on. With projects like this, it naturally pays off that we are highly familiar with the subject, but also that our local branch office ensures only a short journey."

Project management / Contact

Andreas Kaindl

Andreas Kaindl

Deputy head of department

A heavy-load station with transformer and low-voltage switchgear

Almost 218 yards of busbars with
outlet boxes for plant connections
and further route construction

A focal point of the ASD system. Each of the nine units contains two detector modules and upstream air filters

One of the 42 main distributors with corresponding cable routing