Pfarrer-Huber School Landau

Pfarrer-Huber School Landau

Construction of special education support center Pfarrer-Huber School Landau

Pfarrer-Huber School in Landau an der Isar provides special needs education in the areas of teaching and education, counseling and cooperation. To accommodate the increased space requirements, the groundbreaking ceremony for the new three-story building took place in November 2019.



Construction phase 1


Sep 2020 – Sep 2021


Gross floor area

about 4.600 m²

Enclosed space

about 19.800 m²

Our functions: electrical engineering

  • Cable pulling & route construction

  • Installation of lighting and emergency lighting

  • Distribution board construction and installation

  • Central battery system with around 200 SV lights

  • Medium voltage installations around transformer station

Data technology

  • Infrastructure for access control, WLAN, video and intercom systems

  • Installation of passive network components

  • Fiber optic cabling and splicing technology

Interesting Figures

Data technology

  • ~11 miles data cable: Cat. 7

  • ~546 yards fiber optic cable

  • 6 data distributors

Electrical engineering

  • ~400 each sound/fire insulation cavity wall boxes

  • ~1,093 yards of trunking (standard, E30 and MLAR)

  • ~38 miles of miscellaneous cables

  • ~90 fire/sound insulation boxes

  • ~600 lights of all types

  • 26 miscellaneous distribution boards from low voltage main distribution boards to 630 A instrument transformer cabinets to sub-distribution boards

  • >745 miles of cable

  • >15,000 data connections

  • >56 distributor locations with redundant fiber optic connections


Landkreis Dingolfing-Landau

Project description

After completion, there will be space for around 140 students in twelve classrooms, three rooms for after-school care, additional specialist rooms and a cafeteria. Also included are a secretary's office and a meeting room. The new building will create an optimal and state-of-the-art environment – both for the young people and for the staff. Since September 2020, Stefan Ramsauer and Benjamin Haböck from Bachner's Dingolfing branch have also been responsible for coordinating the electrical work. "When it comes to material selection and installation, the focus is on safety." All the cables and lines are halogen-free and, in safety-relevant areas, are also designed with E30 functional integrity. Building codes for public buildings require them to be halogen-free, due to their low, non-toxic smoke emission. In the stairwell and necessary corridors, the Model Line Installation Guideline (MLAR) is also applicable. "This is to ensure that both the line systems and cable holders and routes remain functional for a sufficient length of time in the event of a fire."


Not only is there a risk of fire spreading via wall ducts and hollow wall boxes; sound insulation is also a key issue, especially in busy buildings such as schools. Halogen-free soundproofing boxes are used throughout the building to counteract the spread of these undesirable effects. The wall ducts are equipped with special fire and sound proof boxes. "That's quite unique," Ramsauer notes. "We don't do installations like this very often."

Data technology

Fitting school buildings includes numerous data technology installations. "We carry out all the cabling and handle the installation of passive network components," explains Benjamin Haböck, who is responsible for this area. “That way, we prepare the infrastructure for the video system, intercom stations and access control system that other service providers will install at a later date." For this purpose, around 11 miles of data cable and over 546 yards of fiber optic cable will be pulled throughout the building.


Wiring and installing all of the lighting and emergency lighting is also the responsibility of the installation team, which is permanently on site with up to six people during peak times. Naturally, it is all LED technology.


All the electrical and data distributors come from the company's own switch cabinet production in Dingolfing. "As with numerous other projects, the coordination works perfectly," the two subproject managers agree. The medium-voltage systems engineering department and its specialists are involved in installation work concerning the transformer station. "Again, the coordination is impeccable."


"We are now in the peak phase," explains Stefan Ramsauer. "Now it's a matter of systematically working through the remaining installations in close coordination with the other areas so that everything is ready for the start of the school year."

Project management / Contact

Stefan Ramsauer

Stefan Ramsauer

Deputy Head of Electrical Engineering Department

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